6 Great Floor Lamps To Consider

Looking for that perfect floor lamp can be a challenge. But everyone knows one of the most popular options to bring a little light into your decor are floor lamps.

1. The Arc

If you fancy a transitional or contemporary style of lamp, then purchasing an arc lamp could be a great idea. With a weighted base and a long arm that arcs at the top, it is useful when used with sectionals and modular furniture.

2. The Pharmacy

These lamps are normally more formal and to make a statement. They are height adjustable and provide direct light that can be positioned where you need it by the adjustable head.

3. Down Bridge

These lamps are great at projecting a pool of light onto a specific target. They are great additions for contemporary home decor and work well in living rooms.

4. The Tower

A floor lamp can also be a perfect piece of art, If you feel you are artistic then one of these could be the perfect fit. These lamps take on the look of a sculpture throughout the day. They come in a variety of styles and sizes and can become the focal point of any room.

5. The Club

Club lamps can be used in any style of home decor. They also come in adjustable styles so you can adjust the height of the lamp depending on how you want to use it.

6. The Six Way

The six way lamps are able to provide a tremendous amount of light and are great when you need to light up a large room.

Floor lamps are a great way to not only bring light into your home interior but to bring in a touch of style into your home decor. Whether your style is traditional, modern, or contemporary you can find a floor lamp that will go perfectly with the interior of your home.

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